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            Since the hardest diamond has a strong chemical affinity for carbon, it is not suitable for processing ferroalloys. In this way, people developed cubic boron nitride (CBN), with it made of the tool, its use more widely. Cubic boron nitride in terms of its hardness, ranked second after the diamond. In other words, it can maintain the hardness of the cemented carbide at 25 degrees Celsius at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius.

            Like polycrystalline diamond (PCD), the high strength of cubic boron nitride (CBN) comes from its intergranular bonds. Coupled with hardness and toughness are very good carbide base, made of it with the tool, in the deep cutting high hardness and toughness of the material, can withstand great cutting force. The intergranular bond also provides a high impact resistance, which is necessary when cutting continuous discontinuities. The CBN-layer and the carbon material have better thermal conductivity, especially when compared to ceramics, which is easier to heat when compared to carbide tools or ceramic tools during turning and milling.

            In the processing of large hardness, high toughness and serious wear and tear of the material, a high cutting frequency will cause the surface of the cutting material to produce high temperature. At this time, the hardness of the general cutting material will be reduced, softening occurs. CBN-blade does not happen this. Even at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius its cutting edge can not only maintain the original strength and hardness, and still anti-oxidation, and not such as iron, nickel and cobalt and other metal chemical reaction.

            The hardness of cubic boron nitride (CBN) is second only to that of diamond. Unlike diamond, it hardly produces chemical reactions when machining iron metal. Through a high-temperature and high-pressure process, one can bond a dense, homogeneous, crystalline cubic boron nitride coating on the cemented carbide. This kind of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride is referred to as PKB. BZN * - The blade can replace the traditional grinding process, the hardened steel material (HRC 45-68) can also be high-speed finishing, cutting speed can reach 80-200 m / min. BZN * - blade is also used for cutting pearlite cast iron and hard cast iron and alloy cast iron.
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