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            What is the biggest difference between natural diamonds and artificial diamonds?

            Natural diamonds are grown at a depth of 200 km above the surface at extreme high temperatures (about 1500 ° C) and high pressure (about 50,000 atmospheres). But people have been able to create the same conditions in the laboratory environment to produce synthetic diamonds.

                Jewelry processing is a meticulous technical work, although the diamond is beautiful, the price is prohibitive. A research team in the United States has brought good news to diamond diamonds: they have succeeded in producing new, man-made diamonds of comparable quality to natural diamonds. This method is expected to be used in artificially large-scale manufacturing, Diamonds.

                The use of traditional methods to generate diamonds, diamonds in the "change color" when the need for high temperature and pressure, costly. In contrast, they use microwave at low pressure conditions can reach 2200 degrees Celsius high temperature to remove impurities, the whole treatment method is more economical, cost advantages, and diamonds contain less impurities, higher quality.

                It is imperative to identify natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds. But it is much more difficult than forging diamonds. Natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds are made of carbon atoms and are arranged in the same crystal lattice, so they have the same physical properties. The only feature is the microstructure and the atomic scale of the crystal lattice in the irregularity, that is, crystal defects. In this regard, due to different growth environments, such as chemical atmosphere, growth rate, natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds are inconsistent, most synthetic diamonds on the market today are very strong yellow, orange, and even brown, so it is easy to distinguish The

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