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            Diamond tool design and manufacturing

            In 1955 the United States GE scientists successfully synthesized the weight of about 1 karats of jewelry-grade diamond, its physical properties is currently the best. 99.9% of the diamond component is carbon isotope C12, its thermal conductivity than natural diamond 50%, 850 times faster than copper. Recently, many media have also revealed that this diamond is by far the best thermal conductivity, while being able to resist the damage caused by high-power laser. These reports once again make many people whims, use synthetic diamonds instead of natural diamonds, round their diamond dreams. However, the cost of synthetic diamond is higher, and because of its good physical properties, it is more suitable for the technical field.

            Since 1958, people have begun to use 60 to 70 kPa of high pressure and 1200 to 1500 degrees Celsius high temperature to convert graphite into diamond. This synthetic process has been continuously improved over the next few years. This synthetic diamond, and subsequent cubic boron nitride synthesized using a similar process, has also become the basis for subsequent cutting of polycrystalline cutting materials such as stone, wood, plastics and metals.

            Today, polycrystalline cutting tools are indispensable in the field of manufacturing technology. In the early days, people were mainly engaged in the development of highly efficient abrasive materials. In about 1972, American companies used a special process to produce a polycrystalline diamond blade consisting of micron-sized diamond crystals.

            A year later, the same technology was also applied to cubic boron nitride. The diamond crystal arrangement of the polycrystalline cutting material is non-directional, so the hardness and wear resistance of the diamond layer are evenly distributed in all directions. And single crystal natural diamond in sharp contrast, the polycrystalline material is not weak bond layer, the hardness of the bond layer will not be uneven, so there will be no peeling phenomenon. Therefore, the PKD blade does not need to correct its feed direction to obtain the best cutting effect. If a conventional carbide tool or ceramic tool can not meet the desired cutting process requirements or if its life is too short, use a polycrystalline diamond tool that provides you with faster cutting speeds, higher machining accuracy and Longer tool life, thereby improving the quality of your product.

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