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            Development and Present Situation of Natural Diamond Tool

            Diamond tool design and manufacturing, as well as some of the latest achievements of diamond tools. This paper puts forward some new ideas and methods on how to develop the key technologies such as modular parts, execution system, measurement control and environmental control, etc., From the perspective of popularization and application. Key words: Diamond tool classification Diamond tool development and the status of the application of diamond tools Diamond tool manufacturing method Polycrystalline diamond tool CLC number: TH161 Document code: A With the rapid development of automotive, aerospace and aerospace technology, Material performance and processing technology requirements are increasing. New materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics, particulate reinforced metal matrix composites (PRMMC) and ceramic materials are widely used. These materials have high strength, good wear resistance, thermal expansion coefficient and other characteristics, which determines its machine tool life is very short. The development of new wear-resistant and stable super-hard cutting tools is the subject of many universities and research institutes. Diamond has the advantages of high hardness, low coefficient of friction, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and low chemical inertness, and is an ideal material for making knives.

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