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            Diamond tool common sense

            Natural diamond with high hardness, wear resistance, friction coefficient is small, good thermal conductivity and other excellent features, is to create non-ferrous metal and non-metallic materials, cutting the ideal material, the use of natural single crystal cut stone tools for precision ultra-precision parts for cutting , Began in the late 1950s. Later development requires the processing of aspheric surface mirrors, and then the development requires processing large mirrors. Requires very high shape accuracy and very small surface roughness. At present, the use of natural single crystal diamond tool has been quite mature, but because of its low yield, expensive, coupled with the emergence of synthetic diamond, natural diamond diamond cutting tools in the field of precision processing use of the increasing trend has weakened, several Artificial diamond with its good performance and price ratio and the gradual use of mature technology, has gradually occupied a relatively low demand for precision machining market. 3 diamond tool application class 07 machine Y4 name Wang Qin school number 07120431 submission date 2010.5.25 diamond excellent performance determines its widely used in machining. 3.1 processing difficult to process non-ferrous metals in the processing of copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys, these materials adhesion tool, not processing. The use of diamond friction coefficient is low, and non-ferrous metal affinity made of small diamond tool to prevent the metal and the tool together. Due to the large modulus of elasticity of the diamond, the deformation of the blade is small at the time of cutting, and the extrusion deformation of the non-ferrous metal is small, so that the cutting process can be completed under small deformation, which can improve the surface quality of the cutting. 3.2 Processing of refractory non-metallic materials Processing of refractory non-metallic materials containing a large amount of high hardness, such as glass fiber reinforced plastics, silicon-filled materials, rigid carbon fiber / epoxy composites, the hard points of the material Wear serious, difficult to use carbide cutting tools, and diamond tool hardness, wear resistance, and therefore high processing efficiency. 3.3 ultra-precision machining With the advent of modern integrated technology, machining to the direction of high-precision development of the tool performance put forward a very high demand. As the diamond friction coefficient is small, low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, can cut very thin chips, chips easily flow out, and other substances have little affinity, easy to produce BUE, heat a small, high thermal conductivity, can avoid heat On the blade and the impact of the workpiece, so the blade is not easy to passivation, cutting deformation is small, you can get a higher quality surface.
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